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About The Artist

I am a self-taught artist originally from Knoxville, Tennessee, and living in Oregon for the past 47 years. My art education included 4 years of Commercial Art - Fulton Vocational School in Knoxville and the University of Tennesee - Arts Association Program. 


I've experimented with many mediums: oil, pastels, watercolor, acrylics, and pen & ink. Lately, I have discovered that oil painting is my true passion. 


When I view a dramatic landscape or sky I get a spiritual feeling that inspires me to attempt to translate what I see through my art. I enjoy painting flowers and children at play. My style is constantly evolving as I am always discovering new techniques.


I'm currently a co-owner of Gallery Northwest in Roseburg, Oregon where some of my work is on display. Other works can be seen on my website.


I have a loving family that has always encouraged my artistic endeavors. I'm always honored to share my perspective on the world through my paintings with buyers.


I've had articles published in The News-Review, The Oregonian, and The Knoxville Sentinel. I've made art contributions to Wildlife Safari and The Phoenix School. 


My works have been displayed at Arts Festivals and competitions such as Umpqua Valley Arts Festival, La Pine Artisans Association, COCC, UT. 

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